Creation Mag Headlines & Another Prediction Confirmed!

* Another Code Revealed Withiin DNA Code: Real Science Radio hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams enjoy the latest science news from Creation magazine. They celebrate God's brilliance demonstrated by His embedding into DNA yet another newly discovered code (you'll love the "vowels" analogy)!

* An Oil Field That's About 14,000 or 370 Million Years Old: And the guys chuckle about secular dating of an oil field based on the age of fossils which range, allegedly, from only thousands of years to 370 million years!

* Another Astounding RSR Prediction Confirmed: Bob and Fred's latest creation prediction has been confirmed by the March 2014 issue of the Journal of Paleontology! So, falsifying Bill Nye's claim that Christians cannot make science predictions bsaed on the book of Genesis, once again, an astoundingly specific and counter-intuitive RSR prediction has been confirmed by a peer-reviewed paper. On February 21, 2014 the RSR hosts made this written and broadcast prediction: Original dinosaur soft tissue, etc., will be found largely independent of the claimed age of the fossil. This was confirmed in March 2014! See the upcoming RSR update on this paper in the Journal of Paleontology that has confirmed original soft tissue in a fossil allegedly 530 million years old!

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