Finally, Behemoth Discovered! Plus a Genome Update.

Behemoth, aka Dreadnoughtus, finally discovered!* You heard it first on Real Science Radio! Bob Enyart reports on the discovery of the actual species of animal described by God in Job chapter 40 called Behemoth. The paleontologist who unearthed this largest of land animals, not knowing that he was looking at the remains of Behemoth, called it dreadnoughtus. That's fine, since God and our audience know that it's actually Behemoth! Bob also adds Orphan Genes to RSR's List of Genomes that Just Don't Fit!

* Behemoth: God says in Job chapter 40: "Look now at the behemoth, which I made along with you [i.e., with man, on Day Six]; He eats grass like an ox [i.e., a vegetarian, like Dreadnoughtus]. See now, his strength is in his hips, and his power is in his stomach muscles. He moves his tail like a cedar... His bones are like beams of bronze, his ribs like bars of iron. He is the first [chief] of the ways of God...Surely the mountains yield food for him, and all the beasts of the field play there [i.e., unafraid because Behemoth is not a carnivore]. Indeed the river may rage, yet he is not disturbed", (Job 40:15-20, 23).

* Lacovera Thinks Behemoth Would Have a Hard Time Getting Up: "If you look at its really big ribs, there's no way they're going to withstand 65 tons of weight on top of them,” the discoverer and paleontologist Kenneth Lacovara said. “It would have been a catastrophic event in the life of a Dreadnoughtus if it fell over." Well, God's design amazes men all the time, and I don't know, elephants, while nowhere near the size, seem to get up just fine.

* Don't they say that bumblebees can't fly? Yet there they go. Ever since a French entomologist remarked that bumblebees can't fly, men have gazed in special awe at that little creature! God's engineering invariably astounds mankind. "I bet Behemoth could walk through a fruit grove," says RSR's Bob Enyart, "without knocking fruit off the trees if he didn't want to." And as listener Pat Shamblin pointed out, an elephant can tenderly pet a dog with his foot!

* If you love all this animal stuff: If God amazes you in his design of the animals, you're in good company. Good impressed Himself! That's why He said that the creation was very good! If you'd like to study the Book of Job with Bob Enyart, and hear God brag about how he made the animals, you can get that from us in two parts, Vol. I, and Vol. II. And as with any of our BEL materials, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee, and if you can't afford it, just send what you can, and we'll send you the resource!

* RSR's List of Genomes that Just Don't Fit 2014 Update: Later in today's program, Bob adds orphan genes, those that have no known relationship to any other known genes, to the list of genetic discoveries that just don't fit in with the Darwinian tree of life belief system.

Elephant shrew DNA closer to elephants than to shrews* Elephant Shrew DNA closer to Elephant than to Shrew: Of course Darwinian evolutionists would put all the shrews on one branch of the "tree of life", and animals like giraffes and elephants elsewhere. However, contradicting that evolutionary story, a genetic analysis of the elephant shrew shows that this rodent is closer to an elephant, genetically, than it is to other shrews! Who knew (that is, other than God)?

* Genomes that Expose the Error of Neo-Darwinism: See below for details and for the many peer-reviewed journal papers and expert sources for this data. And remember, all scientists work for Real Science Radio! So, genetic studies have revealed that:
Real Science Radio in your genes- An elephant shrew is closer to an elephant than to other shrews
- Horse DNA is closer to bats than to cows
- Mouse DNA is the same as 80% of the human genome

- Sponges share 70% of human genes including for nerves and muscles
- Kangaroo DNA unexpectedly contains huge chunks of the human genome
- Gorilla DNA is closer to humans than chimps in 15% of the genome
- Neanderthal DNA is fully human, closer than a chimp is to a chimp
- The chimp Y chromosome is "horrendously different" from our 'Y'
- The human Y is astoundingly similar all over the world lacking the expected mutational variation

- Mitochondrial Eve "would be a mere 6000 years old" by ignoring chimp DNA and calculating by mutation rates
- Roundworms have far more genes than Darwinist predictions,19,000, compared to our 20,500 genes
- The flatworm man-bug "ancestor" genome has "alarmed" evolutionists and is now dislodged from its place at the base.
- Snake DNA contains a quarter of the cow genome
- The leading evidence for Darwinism, junk DNA, is vanishing, as the journal Nature reports function for 80% of human genome, moving toward "100%"
- Genomes so challenge common descent that PNAS reports horizontal gene transfer must have "transformed vertebrate genomes"
- "Genetic diversity exploded in recent millennia" when "vast number of human DNA variants arose only in the past 5,000 years."
- Whale and bat DNA share identical astounding sequence: Ha! A wonderful discovery has documented the same echolocation genetic sequences existing in both the bat and whale genomes! Wow! wow! Wow! wow!
- The journal Nature reports that the vast majority of the diversity in the human genome has not accumulated over a million years but over only 200 generations. Likewise, the genome-wide diversity of the Dutch is explained in only 70 generations! Researchers also at the Max Planck Institute showed that Australian Aborigines did not require tens of thousands of years for their genetic (and linguistic) diversity, but only 4,000 to 5,000 years! Just like we creationists have been saying all along! Welcome aboard guys! :)
- For details on all this, just click on!

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