Getting to Know Mormons

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* Bob Enyart finds out about the Latter Day Saints: Talking with Mark Cares, author of Speaking the Truth in Love to Mormons, we learn about Mormons, and especially, how to reach them. This brief program will equip you to know what is most important about bringing Mormons to a saving faith in Jesus Christ. Also, you may want to tune in for the conclusion of our discussion Part 2, when Bob and Mark will have a special guest join them! And finally, you may also want to hear Bob's interview with former BYU professor Lynn Wilder!

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We Christians might assume that the Lord's favorite title for Himself, being God the Son, would be, the Son of God. Indeed, the Gospel of Mark begins by identifying Jesus in that way. However, five times more frequently, Mark uses Jesus own favorite title for Himself, the Son of Man. Throughout all of eternity past, He had always been the Son of God. However, to become the Son of Man, He would need to lower Himself. Indeed, the Lord lowered Himself in so many ways, as He would need to do even to have the evangelist Mark write this amazing account of His life, death and resurrection.

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