Jo Scott Sits in For Bob As He Prepares For The Debate Tonight With James White

Jo Scott filled in for Bob while he prepared for his open theism debate with James White at the Brown Palace hotel this evening.  President Obama is visiting Denver July 9th to do a fund raiser for Governor Hickenlooper and Senator Mark Udall both of which will not be attending the fundraising speech.  Jo played the June audio of a commercial announcing the Obama fundraiser and also the July 7th audio of news 9's report that Senator Udall and Governor Hickenlooper will not attend due to previous engagements.  Jo spoke honestly to abortion minded women and women taking birth control warning them of the emotional, spiritual and physical risks of their actions.

Location of the James White vs. Bob Enyart Open Theism Debate* Bob's Upcoming Open Theism Debate with James White: Well-known theologian James White will debate Bob Enyart, the pastor of Denver Bible Church on Open Theism: Is the future settled or open? SAVE THE DATE: July 8, Tuesday evening, at 6:30 p.m. The debate will be held downtown Denver at Colorado's historic Brown Palace hotel. If you're in the state, or can be, you are cordially invited to come on out and we'll have a great time in the Lord! Seats are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Quoting, "Open Theism is the Christian doctrine that the future is not settled but open because God is alive, eternally free, and inexhaustibly creative." That is, God can forever think new thoughts, design new works, write new songs. He has not exhausted His creativity and never will for of His kingdom there will be no end and thus by God's everlasting freedom and abilities, the future cannot be settled but must be open. In the meantime, check out Bob's previous efforts by clicking on the "Debate" tab at

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