New BEL Video Gets Reviewed at

Bob Enyart discusses the review just published at by Dr. Terry Hurlbut on our Global Flood and the Hydroplate Theory video (Blu-ray, DVD, or download). Please consider commenting on Dr. Hurlbut's review. Bob also discusses the latest beheading by the Islamic State, and what we can do to fight back. Oh yeah, and the BEL Fall Telethon is underway, with our $25,000 goal. Bob needs YOUR help! Please call 800-8Enyart (836-9278) or go to and click on our telethon banner! Thank you so much!

Bob asks you: If you love RSR, could you purchase this to help us stay on the air?Today's Resource: Please check out our newest science resource...

The Global Flood and the Hydroplate Theory
Blu-ray, 2-DVD Set or HD Download

Real Science Radio co-host Bob Enyart presents the scientific evidence for Dr. Walt Brown’s model of the global flood, along with the relevant biblical material. Enyart also discusses Brown's opponents and contrasts both the vapor canopy and catastrophic plate tectonics with the hydroplate theory.

DVD Vol. 1
1. Walt Brown, Creation Leaders, and Scripture
2. Hydroplate Theory & Scientific Evidence

DVD Vol. 2
3. Hydroplates vs. Plate Tectonics
Bonus: Origin of Earth's Radioactivity

The Blu-ray disc contains all parts on one disc. And for now, save $10 with our special introductory pricing which discounts the $50 retail price to $39.99!