Satanists and the Freedom of God

* The “Hail Satan” Crowd: Bob’s guest host Doug McBurney sits in with an update on the “Hail Satan Monument” proposed in Oklahoma City.

* Pot for the Children: One of the tactics used by the deviants who banded together to legalize dope in Colorado was to promise pile of sales tax money to the schools and schoolchildren. Doug cites the economic reality that a 30%+ tax rate will drive the black market, (just like cigarettes in New York), and the spiritual reality that legalizing dope will ruin lives and destroy children.

* Smoking Ban in Sodom: While we can’t definitively say whether or not the municipal authorities of Sodom had an ordinance banning smoking (a ban that God flagrantly violated) we can tell you that in the American equivalent of Sodom, Boulder Colorado, bureaucrats are banning smoking while promoting sodomy.

* Callers, Callers, Callers: Doug fields several calls on subjects ranging from legalizing dope, to the Moslem Dr. Oz & Open Theism.


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