From Noah’s Ark to a Fervent Heat

* A Special Edition of Real Science Radio: While this is not a typical RSR program, Bob's BEL co-host Doug McBurney loves being on RSR, and so since we reported on a bit of science news, after-the-fact we went ahead and designated today's program a Real Science Radio broadcast!

* Cataloging God’s Created “Kinds”: Bob and co-host Doug McBurney report the latest effort to catalog and preserve the DNA of every earthly creature by the Russians. And we’re reminded of the Baraminology project as reported on Real Science Radio

* Reason #1: to get, (or keep) your kids out of the government schools, (if you’re moving to Serbia).

* Felony Charges Languish, Welfare Checks Go Out: Bob thanks God for USA Today for exposing the gross negligence of the American Just – System in allowing felons to hide across state lines.

* The First Hit and Run Episcopal Bishop: Hear about the first allegedly female Episcopal Bishop and her apparent failure to aid a man she “allegedly” hit and killed with her car. The only thing not “alleged” is that the hit and run victim was killed).

* Good Pope Bad Pope: The Pope’s afraid of Global Warming…