The Economics of Marrying Young

* Yesterday, When I was Young: Bob and co-host Doug McBurney hope that you don’t find yourself saying this after years of waiting to find a husband or wife… Listen is as they talk through the disturbing statistics regarding the plummeting marriage rate amongst America’s young adults. Find out why marrying young has been the best economic decision made by billions of people for thousands of years.

* One Last Hope for Lesbian Mayor: As shocking as it is to hear that Houston mayor and loud-mouthed lesbian Annise Parker and the City of Houston’s lawyers are subpoenaing the sermon notes of local pastors, Bob points out that it could be the only way these unbelievers ever read the gospel, and it could be their best chance to be saved!

* Programming Note: Earlier this year the producer of an upcoming film promised RSR that their documentary was not a geocentrism movie. That misrepresentation lead RSR to invite scientists and engineers to a special Denver screening of the film for Real Science Radio. We later apologized to the attendees. Next week Bob Enyart and Fred Williams will discuss the scientific and biblical arguments at to rebut the documentary, The Principle. Based on the pre-release cut that we saw, the production attempts to mislead the audience into thinking that (1) the latest confirmations of the so-called Axis of Evil, (2) narrator Kate Mulgrew of Star Trek fame, and (3) interviewed scientists Lawrence Krauss, George Ellis, Michio Kaku, Max Tegmark, and John Hartnett, all affirm the film's powerfully refuted claim that our planet is motionless in the center of the solar system and that the universe revolves around the Earth once every 24 hours. For the typical fan of science there's plenty of science to learn in refuting geocentrism, and you can get a head start on that learning prior to our upcoming program by checking out our article at (shortcut URL)!