When Anything Goes…

* What’s a Liberal to do? In an update to an ongoing story Bob’s guest host Doug McBurney reports on a Judge who out how to deal with the fact that the tampering & fraud killed a baby in the womb.

* Cheaters: The French First Lady is hospitalized with depression after her communist husband’s affair was confirmed in the newspapers. Your host discusses the state of marriage in France and elsewhere.

* Killing a Civilization: Hear the shocking story of what’s happening in Japan as the destruction of marriage and the Japanese family nears its inevitable conclusion: the destruction of Japanese boys and girls.

* Bronco’s Prediction: Coming off his seemingly disastrous prediction of the Bronco’s defeat at the hands of the San Diego Chargers, your host continues to steer the Bronco’s fate with an even bolder Bronco’s prediction!

* Collateral Damage: As the liberals celebrate 50 years of the “War on Poverty” your host analyzes both the “good intentions” of the socialists who instituted the “Great Society” and the real world results: the destruction of marriages and families that simply cannot be measured in dollars and cents, and can not be stopped by “fiscal conservatives”, but by the Christian Church.

* China Rising: And if the war on the family isn’t enough to get your attention, how about a shooting war? While the shooting hasn’t started yet, China has just tested a hypersonic missile designed to penetrate the missile defense systems of America and beyond.

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