Relative of Victims at Jewish Community Center on BEL

Randy Corporon, cousin of Dr. William Corporon, took time out while traveling to the Kansas City area funeral to speak with Bob Enyart about the racist and former KKK member who murdered three Christians at Jewish centers near Kansas City. Also, Denver's Fox 31 asked Colorado RTL for a statement about Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis. Bob read their statement to reporter Serena Ung on today's program.

Here is Colorado RTL's statement provided today to Denver's Fox 31 reporter Serena Ung about Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis:

PGD is eugenics, and negative eugenics at that, whereby the youngest boys and girls who don't measure up are disposed of. The greatest pain a child suffers is that of rejection. Jesus taught that all deeds will come to light. With PGD, that means that the mom and dad, the IVF technician, and those who advocate killing the child who doesn't make the cut, will one day stand before God and before these kids. The pain of childbirth notwithstanding, the greatest pain many moms suffer is losing a child, for emotional pain lasts months or years longer than does physical pain. Colorado Right To Life thanks God for each child brought into the world, but calls for the nation to stop those who are turning IVF into a eugenics movement. Eugenics advocates say they are motivated out of compassion, preventing a life of suffering by killing the little boy, or the girl. In reality, those children will suffer rejection, and that emotional pain is far greater than any physical pain could ever be. The kids who don't make it past hockey tryouts shouldn't be killed, and neither should the littlest unborn kids, just because they are handicapped. The claimed compassion of those who disagree and want to kill these kids seems to lead them, typically, to side with the abortionist at Planned Parenthood who dismembers much older children; to deny that eight-month old Brady Surovik (The Brady Amendment) killed by a drunk driver was a person; and to even defend Denver Children's Hospital, which advised Dylan Walborn's parents to stop feeding their four-year-old handicapped son. Little Dylan then died three weeks later of starvation (


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