Denver Police Let Suspect's Loaded Gun Go Unmentioned

* See the Gun Being Unloaded in the Video Below: A Denver Police report from an incident at Planned Parenthood omits the fact that a loaded gun was found in the vehicle of an angry pro-abortion man, Nicholas Dimond, who had just threatened to kill a pro-lifer who was trying to save the life of a child. Bob Enyart interviews Jo Scott about the incident, which has now also gone to Internal Affairs.

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* Incident Update: A lawyer with Denver's district attorney's office called Gloria Boze an hour after today's BEL broadcast. She said that the case was dismissed, repeated an overtly obvious bogus claim that the woman accompanied by the suspect went to Planned Parenthood only to find out if her unborn child had the same terminal illness that she was suffering from. (Oh brother, what naive, district attorneys we have... well, probably not naive, but rather, just accomplices. Planned Parenthood kills babies, perfectly healthy babies no less; they don't diagnosis unborn children. They just kill them.) Probably, the woman that Nicholas Dimond hangs out with was horrified, understandably so, to think that his behavior, threatening women no less, will bring attention to her going to an abortion clinic to kill her own child. Gloria immediately pointed out the obvious lie to the D.A., and then asked, "Would you have dropped the charges if this had happened at a grocery store?" The D.A. answered, "No. A grocery store is no controversial. It's because this happened at an abortion clinic, where there is a lot of controversy." Thus, we have yet another government official willing to look the other way when the victim is a pro-life activist trying to peacefully save the life of a child.   

* Denver Planned Parenthood June 2014 Incident Video: The first minute of this video shows the officer clearing Nicholas Dimond's gun just minutes after he threatened Gloria saying, I have a gun. I will kill you.


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