David Limbaugh’s Sermon

* God & Man at the EIB: Bob tells his co-host Doug McBurney about an interview with David Limbaugh on a national radio show. Hear how Limbaugh preached the gospel and talked boldly about creation and free will!

* Living, Loving God: Not to mention personal, relational & good! Hear a boisterous discussion of the vibrant biblical attributes of God, in contrast with the stagnant pagan view of an untouchable deity.

* Don’t Pray to Hugo Chavez: Bob agrees with the condemnation of "the Delegates' Prayer" as stated by Venezeula's Archbishop Jorge Urosa. The absurd words were "prayed" to Hugo Chaves in -- of all places -- heaven! Urosa condemned the idolatry of attributing to any human being qualities that only apply to God.

* Real Science Radio "Star" Report for 9/15/2014
: RSR posted this notice. "Guys, I'm adding my contribution with the reminder that a UFO doesn't mean http://rsr.org/aliens. :) I posted this on Facebook on 9/15 at 11:13 a.m. "At Real Science Radio at 11 a.m. MT we just had a report from a group of ladies playing tennis in Genesee, Colorado, including Connie Sharin and Jamie A., of something like a silver star visible 30 degrees to the north of the moon about 12 moon-widths above it. Star map shows nothing that should be visible there right now. Thoughts?" The object was much more visible with the naked eye, as per these other reports, than it is in this relatively low-resolution cell-phone photo, which appears both with and without the object marked:

Unusual daytime star at 11 a.m. in Arvada, Colorado on Sept. 15, 2014