RSR's List of Answers to Hydroplate Objections Pt. 2

* QuakeFinder's Tom Bleier on Earthquake Prediction: The mission of QuakeFinder is to save lives by finding a way to forecast major earthquakes. Real Science Radio appreciates that mission and its included goal of better understanding our Earth. And as we better understand the globe today, that can help our understanding of the past. So RSR host Bob Enyart interviews Tom Bleier, a QuakeFinder official. Bleier is vice president of aerospace engineering firm Stellar Solutions which operates QuakeFinder as a humanitarian research project. The project’s goal is to develop technology and methods for detection and analysis of electromagnetic earthquake precursors to produce earthquake forecasts based on sound scientific theory and practice. RSR hopes QuakeFinder will succeed in providing earthquake warnings, and has interest in this project as it relates to the Hydroplate Theory and the origin of earth's radioactivity.

* All Scientists Work for Walt Brown: Like the researchers at QuakeFinder, the astrophysicists at NASA, and the specialists at the USGS, all scientists work for Walt Brown! Really!

* Earthquake Lights Post-show Update: Earthquakes produce piezoelectric lightning flashes in the ground and also, coming out of the ground. (See also

- 2016 Video (see below) of earthquake lights surfaced, with these reports arising from New Zealand's magnitude 7.8 quake epicentered between Christchurch and Wellington. (The lights are visible at 0:20 at the top left partly beneath the camera's timestamp.)

- 2014 A paper in the journal Seismological Research Letters is reported on in USA Today's Scientists find records of rare 'earthquake lights'. Later that year, witness reports of light flashing in the sky during the Napa Valley earthquake were documented by CBS San Francisco.

- 2013 This may be the phenomena causing the apparent pre-quake disturbances in the ionosphere that led scientists to consider a possible earthquake warning system, as reported in 2008 by BBC News, and pursued by the U.K. and Russia in 2011 and generating continued interest and research in 2013 in a European Geophysical Union conference presentation

* Real Science Radio's Ulterior Motive: In addition to the humanitarian aspect and science newsworthiness of the QuakeFinder project, RSR had an additional agenda in bringing this story to our audience. Many in the large creation organizations reject Dr. Walt Brown's hydroplate theory flood model in support of John Baumgardner's Catastrophic Plate Tectonics. (For a refutation of CPT, see RSR's The Global Flood and the Hydroplate Theory in Blu-ray, DVD, or downloadable video.) As we reported on our RSR's List of Answers to Hydroplate Objections program, Dr. Baumgardner objects to Walt Brown's matter-of-fact claim that the earth's crustal rocks generate great voltages. In a 2011 author-to-author critique in the 1600 page Flood Science Review, Dr. Baumgardner argued that Dr. Brown must be wrong about the ability of granite to produce giga-voltages because, "there is no observational evidence that the quartz crystals in granite have ever been aligned as Brown postulates." And that, "This ought to represent a fatal problem for Brown’s claim that such extreme voltages will essentially arise automatically." Yet as our interview with Tom Bleier of QuakeFinder demonstrates, even minor quakes generate tremendous voltages. Thus we have two recommendations. For Dr. Baumgardner, considering then the enormously greater tectonic stresses during the global flood which would produce voltages orders of magnitude greater than those today, we urge John to retract this particular objection to the Hydroplate Theory. And to our listeners, we recommend our GF&HPT video, which comes with our 30-day money-back guarantee.

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