Theology Thursday: If You Were God...

* What would you do? So many people accuse God, saying that He should do things differently than He does. So now it's up to you. If you were God, how would you do it better? On today's Theology Thursday program, Bob Enyart looks at the ways that God shows great wisdom in His choices and actions. Bob also discusses what the ramifications would be if God acted in the ways that some people think He should.

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Only 10 Days to Pulpit Freedom Sunday
by Jim Garlow, Skyline Church

Pulpit Freedom Sunday is coming up fast... Pastors can learn more and sign up at Here are what some participating pastors are saying about why they will be preaching an Election Sermon this year:

At Denver Bible Church our elder board is so encouraged by Alliance Defending Freedom urging pastors to render unto God the things that are God’s, that we have asked our congregation to specially invite their friends to church this October for Pulpit Freedom Sunday! We’re with you ADF!  -Pastor Bob Enyart, Denver Bible Church