Happy Marriage, Happy Retirement

* The Greater Depression:Bob’s loyal wingman Doug McBurney sits in and reports that Economic Expert Hunter Lewis has done the math, and insists if it weren’t for the government’s creative math, we’d all know that this thing we’ve been in for the past 6 years is actually an economic depression!

* Move over Bill Clinton: Kobe Bryant is IN DA HOUSE! And not only can he match Bill bimbo for bimbo, he makes Bill’s $300 haircut look like amateur hour when compared to his $800 head wax job!

* Nothing to be Alarmed about? A Criminology professor says mass shootings are not on the rise, and that 20 of them or so every year just might have to be the “price we pay” for personal freedom, American style. Your host examines his motivations, and how the culture has produced a generation capable of tolerating mass murder on a massive scale.

* aaaaaw Shoot! A Wyoming lawmaker wants to pass a law ensuring murderers can be executed by firing squad should the liberal mad-dog anti-Christ, anti death penalty crusaders succeed in eliminating the supply of state approved lethal injection drugs. Your host is all for that, (or baseball bats or pick-axes). And he ties his support directly to the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

* The Circle of Diapers: Listen in as your host dissects the data of a British survey that implies that childless couples are "happier". Find out why surveying a pile of narcissistic, self-absorbed euro-trash, piled on with a few homos does not represent an accurate picture of marital bliss, nor does it address the needs these "shiny happy people" will have when they get old and lonely…

God and the Death Penalty




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