Michael Brown: Suicide by Cop

Bob Enyart debriefs Doug McBurney who is returning from his St. Louis assignment for BEL to cover the planned riots there. The guys present Michael Brown's actual cause of death, which was suicide by cop, and the real source of the rage in much of the black community (and in much of the white community), which source has nothing to do with racism. Officer Darren Wilson is the scapegoat because it is easier to blame the system than to blame oneself for failing to raise a young man to be godly and respectful.

Update: This one-minute Ferguson video is on YouTube, on Bob Enyart's Facebook page, and on Vimeo.

And from the December 3, 2014 KGOV program, Police Behavior Irrelevant to Black Rage: Bob Enyart psychoanalyzes the failed black community. Like the national media, the Denver Post has not correctly reported how the loss of life came about in the infamous Ferguson, Missouri case. Suicide by cop was Michael Brown's cause of death. With recklessness and extreme indifference for his own life, liberty, and the lives of others, Brown committed suicide by cop by viciously attacking an armed police officer. The rage in the black community has virtually nothing to do with prejudicial behavior by police officers, and almost everything to do with the destruction of the black family by black hands, and with the failure to raise young black men who respect themselves, others, and their Maker.

Bob also discussed an East High School Ferguson protest today in which a car plowed into four Denver police officers sending one into surgery and intensive care. Another officer, Michael Rispoli, on duty at the scene, wrote on his Facebook page as reported by CBS Denver: “I followed those kids on my motorcycle and all I heard was ‘F the police’ and I was shocked to see teachers right alongside them!” And: “Sad thing was many of the students laughed and cheered while the officer was being dragged under the car… unbelievable.” Like CNN reporting that most of the protest in Ferguson was peaceful, since this report, the Denver media, the police department, and the department of education have been in full spin mode trying to deny or minimize the spontaneous gleeful reaction of these Denver youth at the sight of police officers being struck by a car.

"The horrific behavior of these Ferguson protesters in Denver exposes the wickedness in the heart of man," said Bob Enyart. "We've all seen this kind of unchoreographed, raw and happy immediate response to horror, as on 9/11 when Palestinians celebrated in the streets when thousands of innocents were killed. And I've seen it first hand, inside of a Catholic church in Boulder, Colorado during a peaceful protest by Christians against what was called the 'Queer Collective', when the police used a pain compliance hold on a believer, Matt Noah. Rather than booing to show their disapproval of the protesters, the crowd of about one hundred homosexuals had been hissing. But when Noah cried out in excruciating pain, the group erupted in a spontaneous cheer." This is all revealing.


Urban blacks suffer from the same harmful influences that affect all races. Yet they are even more culturally and spiritually undermined being especially targeted by welfare policy, drug traffickers, government regulators who eliminate jobs, abortionists, etc. The ubiquitous “cops vs. blacks” theme that the mainstream media has seized upon focuses on law enforcement as if that is uniquely the problem. If this were true then, aside from the cops, urban blacks would be enjoying healthy and positive relationships with one another, with school administrators and teachers, with owners of malls and businesses, etc. All of these relationships though are greatly suffering. The problemis not that everyone is a racist. Don't ask just the police if things are bad. Ask everyone: the urban black teacher about her school; the business owner about his neighborhood; and even the urban black young male himself about his own family. The media and the politicians misdiagnose the problem by focusing their attention on the police, and so of course that will lead to ineffective cures, and the opportunity cost will be yet more lives sacrificed on the altar of political correctness and needlessly destroyed.