Hundreds of Moms & Babies Survive Ectopic Pregnancy

* Actual BIRTHS Contradict Medical Industry CLAIMS: Real Science Radio's Bob Enyart interviews Personhood Alabama's researcher Bill Fortenberry on his meta study and his original research both contained in his meticulously documented paper, Ectopic Personhood.

* Life of the Mother 'Exception': For more information on the life of the mother exception, just Google: "life of the mother" or "life of the mother exception", and then click on the #1 ranked article, which will probably be the one that Bob wrote for America Right To Life. See there a medical journal report of a baby in an ectopic pregnancy easily and successfully transplanted into the mother's womb. BTW, you can do all that searching stuff above, or just click on :)

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* Thanks to The world is learning of the specific people who have been alleged to be "brain dead" who have then recovered. For details, see