God Wins Where “Natural Law” Fails

* The “Natural Law” Concession: Bob reminds his co-host Doug McBurney that for a couple of centuries Conservative Christians have made a fatal concession to the humanists in that they choose to appeal to “natural law” and “tradition” in defense of morality instead of appealed to God's revealed law. After all, He gave us the Bible and if we're afraid to source public policy on a proper understanding of God's Word, then we have already lost the battle and it's just a matter of time until that defeat becomes everywhere evident.

* Bring Back Our Girls: Bob and Doug analyze the story of a “Bible Belt” elementary school, the young girl who was raped in the bathroom there, and the classmates & parents who bear responsibility.

* In Need of Some Restraint: The father of a government schoolgirl takes out a restraining order against her 6-year old bully, (instead of doing the right thing & taking his daughter out of the school)!

* Another Voice of Reason: For over 2 decades Bob Enyart Live has called on parents to escape the government schools, even telling parents that it’s a sin to send their kids there. And we’ve often felt quite lonely. So Bob and Doug were encouraged to hear that E. Ray Moore has said exactly that in his campaign for Lt. Governor in South Carolina!

Home School Kids Discount: A restaurant in Canada is offering five dollars off to families’ whose kids are well behaved. They call it the “well behaved kids discount” we call it the “home school kids discount”.

How to Lose Your Country: After pointing out recent reports of 11 million Americans on disability, and that half of those have given up on looking for work, Doug is reminded of how many kids he spoke to at East High School in Denver who believed that their rights come not from God, but from the government...