Pornography: The nation-approved church-tolerated Destroyer

*Morality in Media and How Porn Destroys Marriages (& lives): Bob Enyart and co-host Doug McBurney interview Patrick Trueman of Morality in Media about the latest research proving what has always been known, that pornography destroys marriage and the family. Hear the new leader of Morality in Media agree with Bob that pornography should be illegal (unlike the previous president, Bob Peters, who, along with Focus on the Family, believes that pornography should remain legal)!

* A misogynist commented at this video: "Larry is a great American hero....Lynn Redgrave and Bill Maher are the only ones talking sense." Bob Enyart replied...

Hey O RN, hope you're not addicted. That would not only be destructive, it's also humiliating (although some people are so broken they don't even know when they're humiliating themselves). As I reminded Flynt, he's long published cartoons like the Santa having sex with the young girll sitting on his lap; and the cover image of a woman going into a meat grinder, feeding men's violent sexual tendencies toward women and children. Misogyny is contagious O, and you may have caught from Flynt your lust to see women mistreated and used as though they were objects. It's criminal (whether the law says so or not) to traffic in human sexuallity, for example, to pay a woman to have sex while filming her. Also, of course Maher couldn't admit what is obviously true (even if you only considered the least of the harm, STDs) that it is wrong for a man to cheat on his wife. And Flynt bragged about being a chicken molester. Actually raping and bloodying a chicken. Like I asked the audience, "Where's PETA when you need them." When you think you're an animal, it's no surprise that you act like an animal.

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2020 Petitition against porn, Bob Enyart's comment there...

Today's Resources: To help protect your family from the harmful effects of pornography go to Morality in Media’s outstanding “Resources” page, and KGOV’s Net Nanny resource page.

* From The show summary over at Weinstein/Hollywood/MeToo Proves the Prudes Right states... 

* The Prudes Are Right: Trafficking in human sexuality should be illegal. Also today Bob explains that the Weinstein/Hollywood Scandal Proves the Prudes Right and that there’s no such thing as an industry that respects women where they have to take off their clothes to get hired. Also, how far does this behavior spread? Throughout Hollywood? Of course. Throughout the media? Of course. Throughout the porn industry and "Gentlemen's Clubs" industries? Of course. Throughout a high percentage of our political leaders? Of course. Throughout the high-powered legal profession (and especially the defense attorneys)? Of course. The bottom line though is that none of these groups care or have ever cared about respecting women. So as the tentacles of this behavior are exposed, soon enough the "fad", which should continue until there are no more men (or women) assaulters and harassers left, will die out.

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