Christians “Manning” Up

* Peyton to Place? Bob and co-host Doug McBurney discuss a computer simulation that picks the Denver Broncos to finish second to the Seattle Seahawks in this year’s Super Bowl. Bob cautions the audience on reliance on both predictions and computer simulations.

* God’s Quarterbacks: Here an awesome excerpt from Peyton Manning’s book recounting his conversion to Christ and the alter call he answered, find out Peyton’s opinion on God’s involvement in the outcome of football games. And hear about the Christian Interview given by Seahawks QB Russell Wilson and a number of players from the Seahawks team!

* The Tax Manning: Denver Bible Church offers to host a fund raiser to help Peyton Manning raise the $828 he’ll need to come up with in order to cover the “overage” on the 101.8% tax he’ll face if he loses the Super Bowl in New Jersey. Win or lose, Peyton is always welcome at DBC!

* Their Goose is Cooked: Pro Life Warriors Jo Scott and Tony Massey have all charges dropped in the “wild goose case”! Get an update and hear how Tony Massey “Esquire” is pursuing justice in light of the lies and criminal behavior undertaken by their accusers.

1, 2, 3 Epistles of John 4-DVD Video Set






* Today's Resource: Meet the Apostle John. He was the youngest of the Twelve. And at the time of this writing, he's now one of the last remaining. If you were an eyewitness to Christ's earthly ministry, what would concern you decades after the resurrection? From the battles that John fought we can learn lessons that will help us as we ourselves fight for the truth and battle false teaching within the church. By looking at "the things that differ," we can know what details in John's three epistles applied to the circumcision believers of his day and which of his teachings apply directly to us. Available on this 4-DVD Video Set and also in audio on MP3-CD or MP3 Download.