BEL's Three Big 2014 Accomplishments

Bob Enyart's year-end review highlights the three big events for our ministry in 2014! Aside from our larger community achieving 33 confirmed saves at the local Planned Parenthood abortion mill, and aside from our growth in statewide "Yes" votes for personhood from 27%, to 29% to 35%, BEL itself has seen three highlights for the year.

1) The Battle at the Palace debate with theologian James White (on whether or not God the Son has taken on a human nature, is eternally free, and inexhaustibly creative).



2) The release of our Global Flood and Hydroplate Theory video.

3) After ten years of prayer, research, and thought, we have finally provided an answer to the objection against open theism that claims that God cannot cross an actual infinity (see the last paragraph at

Have a Happy New Year with a great 2015 in the Lord!