Don't say Robin Williams is in a Better Place

* Please. It's destructive to say that we can understand Robin Williams suicide. We shouldn't say that we can understand child pornography, the hatred of blacks, nor rape. Even if they were conceivably well intentioned, such comments are utterly destructive and they will backfire. Leslie Hanks, the president of American Right To Life, mentions to Bob that she heard his call today into a competing Denver radio station and the two talk about the KNUS radio program Kelly & Company, with hosts Steve Kelly and Krista Kafer. Bob and Leslie also discuss why emotional pain is far greater than physical pain. Also, hear Bob's call to Steve Kelly.

* Bob's Debate with James White: Is the future settled or open? First, If God is eternally free, and will forever be able to think new thoughts and write new songs, then how could the future be settled? Secondly, if God is not eternally free, what possible reason could He have had for trading away His freedom? Consider...


Bob suggests: If you love RSR you will love this video on the global flood!Today's Resource: Please check out our newest science video...

The Global Flood and the Hydroplate Theory
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