Anti-Personhood laws (and Other Hate Crimes)

* Pro-Abort “Feel Good” Legislation: Bob and co-host Doug McBurney discuss Colorado’s “anti-personhood bill” SB 175 up for debate in the Colorado legislature.

* Lesbian Hate Crime? According to the main-stream media lesbians and other homosexual deviants seem incapable of hate. But listen to the story of one drunk lesbian throwing another through a plate glass window, and you might come away with a different point of view…

* John Archibold vs Dick Lamm: Bob had lunch with Colorado Right to Life co-founder John Archibold, who told of his debate on the radio in the 60’s with nascent child murderer and future Colorado governor Richard Lamm.

* Shrinking Universe: Doug gives hearty congratulations to Christians in America for turning OFF Fox television’s evolution fairy-tale, big-bang bogus show “Cosmos”!

Titus and Philemon DVD Set or HD Video Download 

This exciting verse-by-verse study begins with a look at the nature of "time" itself and then of honesty and "righteousness." With Bob Enyart, meet these co-workers of the Apostle Paul, Titus and Philemon. Examining Paul's text we learn about theGranville Sharp Rule, the logic problem from 600 B.C. called the Epimedides paradox, and about what the Bible says about slavery!