RSR's The Astronomical Star of Bethlehem

BEL's The Planets, Stars and the Bible* Boulder, Colorado's Planetarium Show on Christ's Birth: Celebrating Christmas, Real Science Radio hopes you too enjoy this interview with the host of the University of Colorado's Fiske Planetarium presentation, The Astronomical Star of Bethlehem, amateur astronomer Gil Buller. From the planetarium's website, "This exciting program examines the sky at the time of the birth of Christ to see which astronomical phenomenon may have been the Star of Bethlehem." Bob Enyart recorded this interview in 2011.

Orbital Mechanics Help Identify the Star of Bethlehem: Using computer-generated images of the night sky in ancient Israel, this planetarium program does in great style what Bob Enyart's DVD does using more modest computer simulation software. Click to get Bob's classic DVD, The Planets, Stars, and The Bible.

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