A Tale of Two Coreys

* Corrie the Hero: Bob and co-host Doug McBurney document the purge of Christian reading materials from a public “charter” school in California, including the removal of “The Hiding Place” by Corrie ten Boom, the hero who risked her life to save the innocent.

* Corey the Goat: Corey Gardner’s manhood was officially aborted (middle passive?) over the weekend when Eli Stokols at Fox 31 news elicited the following response from candidate Corey regarding his support for the federal Personhood bill… Corey said, “there is no federal Personhood bill”, “there is no federal Personhood bill”, “there is no federal Personhood bill”, “there is no federal Personhood bill”. Then Bob read the language of the federal Personhood bill to which Corey is a signatory, and noted that Corey Gardner is a man not willing to risk even his political career to save the innocent. It's sad that Corey's career wasn't then likewise aborted.

* Stephen Hawking Comes Out of the Closet: You may have wondered if world-renowned freak, paranoid, weirdo Stephen Hawking was an atheist... (no, really, stay with me on this), and it turns out that sadly, the collective suspicions of everyone who has ever listened to him, anytime, ever, have been confirmed. He has confessed his atheism.

* Shocking James White vs. Bob Enyart Debate Aftermath: This 2-minute video documents the shocking aftermath involving R.C. Sproul Jr. and James White: