RSR Wound Up Over a Molecular Clock

click to read this great ICR article by Dr. Jeanson* Ticked Over Talk: Time and again evolutionists get ticked over our talk on molecular clocks. Real Science Radio hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams report on Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson's new molecular clock research conducted over at the Institute for Creation Research. His paper, must reading for all informed creationists, New Genetic-Clock Research Challenges Millions of Years, is refreshing coming, as it is, from a scientist who received his Ph.D. in cell and developmental biology from Harvard University!

* "Noah" Box Office and Profitability: On the dove, the raven, and Russell Crowe, this disgraceful film has lost a lot of money! See below.

* Molecular Clock Criticism of "Darwin's Doubt": This post-show note quotes the relevant part of Bob Enyart's published review of Stephen Meyer's best-selling book Darwin's Doubt. "Meyer explains the failed Darwinist attempt to use sequencing to date divergence, for “the same or similar groups of molecules have generated dramatically different divergence times” (p. 107). He points out admissions from Dobzhansky prote?ge? Francisco Ayala, who says that such evolutionary calculations are 'fraught with danger.' And Berkley’s James Valentine joins others in acknowledging that 'the accuracy of the molecular clock is still problematical, at least for phylum divergences, for the estimates vary by some 800 million years.' Meyer then references a Michael Behe paper regarding DNA-packing histones, reporting that even with a dozen years of experiments in yeast showing that histones can tolerate dramatic deletions, regardless, across phyla histones remain highly conserved (i.e., minimally different). Meyer argues this against the Darwinists, showing their tendency to commit the cherry-picking fallacy, in this case by selectively ignoring data. But he doesn’t mention that IDers are guilty of the same failure, regarding the same evidence no less. The evolutionists assume their own conclusion in that, as Meyer points out, histones 'are never used as molecular clocks ... Because ... the small differences between histones yield an extremely recent divergence' (p. 107; emphasis added). By the way, how recently? He does not say. And neither did Behe offer an estimate for how long he believes plants and animals have existed with this extreme lack of mutation. Behe did point out, though, for example, that 'the green pea differs from that of mammals by only two conservative substitutions in 102' (Behe, 1990, p. 374). Yet intelligent design, Meyer explains, does not rule out common ancestry (p. 339), for, allegedly, a billion years ago a designer could have engineered a split between plants and animals. But Meyer cannot have it both ways. He wields the histone evidence against Darwinists but only by committing an equally circular, selective data fallacy. As with the intelligent design movement generally, Meyer's book fails to acknowledge this extreme lack of mutations as at least apparent evidence against these phyla having lived for hundreds of millions of years."

* NOAH Box Office Revenue vs. Cost: As of Sept. 24, 2014, the film Noah, thank you Lord, appears to have lost a lot of money. DVD sales will undoubtedly be depressed because of this film's mocking of the biblical account, but until those numbers are in, consider these numbers from the film's worldwide box office:

$125,000,000production budget (or $130M)   
$60,000,000marketing budget (typical for a $125M film, & perhaps low for one that increased its marketing push last minute)
$52,624,000which is the studio's 52% take of the domestic box office$101,200,000
$91,503,000which is 35% of the foreign take(25% in China)   $261,437,000
$14,408,0002/3s ofBlu-ray& DVD sales as of Dec. '16  $21,633,074
$158,583,000 + future video revenue: two-thirds of which is net revenue to the studio
-$26,417,000Hollywood tried to mock God by making a biblical epic where the fallen angels are the good guys.
Houston's Style Magazine:ran a blurb on Noah losing out big  
Meanwhile:God's Not Dead$2,000,000production budget 
 (great Christian film)$60,755,000domestic box office! :)



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