I Love the Smell of Rain

[Programming Note: We originally designated this Tuesday broadcast as a BEL program. If you listen to this show and are so inclined, please let us know at Bob@rsr.org whether this should be, as we've listed it here, a Real Science Radio program or reclassified as a BEL program. Thanks! - A KGOV Staffer]

So, the libs have said for a century that our sense of smell, as human beings, is lousy. We're only able to distinguish between at most 10,000 smells. Wait, wait! This just in: The journal Science reports that actually, we can distinguish more than a trillion different aromas! This is not surprising for as our friends at creation.com remind us, we are fearfully and wonderfully made! Bob Enyart talks about apologetics, dogs, vultures and design trade-offs, our new global flood video, the opportunity to grow along with Denver Bible Church, and the vitally important BEL telethon goal of $25,000. Please help!