The Beginning of the End?

* This is the End Bob & co-host Doug McBurney comment on Matt Staver’s recent comments regarding the “…beginning of the end of Western Civilization” given during his “Living in the Shade of Vesuvius” lecture.

* Is This the End? HAMAS is engaged in a terror campaign against Israel that has split the Arab world’s support for the terrorist organization, (at least to some degree). Could this be the beginning of the end of HAMAS?

* Will This Ever End? Media personality Jerry Rivers, (AKA Horrendo Revolto, AKA Geraldo Rivera) flippantly dismisses the plight of the poor in Central America and says America could easily “…feed every poor child in Central America.” And while he’s right that our table scraps could feed the poor, he is simply parroting the misguided notion that welfare can solve problems. Listen in as Bob identifies such problems, (including Geraldo Rivera).