Antisemitism on the Rise: Never By Us

Bob Enyart discusses the wave of antisemitism spreading across Europe and gives a quick test as to whether you might be one. Also today, Gregg Jackson's book, endorsed by both R.C. Sproul Jr. and Bob Enyart, hits the bookstores and is live on Amazon. And coincidentally, Bob airs excerpts, from his Open Theism debate with theologian James White, of Dr. White admitting, five times, and yet denying, in writing, that God the Son has two natures (both a divine and a human nature). Finally, Bob mentions the fun BEL Seminars available from our online store at, as a way of helping with the vitally important BEL Telethon.

* Shocking James White vs. Bob Enyart Debate Aftermath: This 2-minute video documents the shocking aftermath involving R.C. Sproul Jr. and James White: