Cory Gardner Decreases, Chinese Christians Increase!

* Confucius say: Jesus is Real! Bob’s 2nd string guest host Doug McBurney reports on two encouraging stories out of China: Their latest purge of online pornography, and that nations trajectory toward becoming the most populous Christian country on earth.

* Homo Scouts & Reverends: Find out why the Boy Scouts revoked the charter of a troop who’s home is in a United Methodist homo church because the reverend there assigned a homosexual scoutmaster. Is it a sign that the Boy Scouts are repenting of their promotion of perverts? Or just a pathetic political statement… We report, you decide.

* SHOCK: Hollywood Homos Pedophiles? Avowed homosexual movie director Bryan Singer, and three of his perverted Hollywood pals have been accused of running a pedophile ring and assaulting young boys with dreams of Hollywood fame.

* Cory Gardner’s BIG day: And it’s not Election-Day. Since Colorado Senate candidate (and lawyer) Cory Gardner has publicly disavowed his support for the right to life of the smallest innocent children, (stupidly not realizing that the democrats will use even his most timid anti-abortion statements against him anyway), he has not only disillusioned a large percentage of his electoral base, he’s also worsened the condition of his soul and set himself up for disgrace on Judgment Day.

* Rule of the Lawyers: The rule of lawyers in America has produced such an avalanche of rapes, assaults and murders, that police are often overwhelmed by the flood of evidence to the point of inaction. Listen in as Doug suggests a simple and effective solution to the problem.





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