All Pastors Work for Bob Enyart Live

Update: On Bob Enyart's Facebook page, check out the one-minute Ferguson video blocked by YouTube! :)

In Ontario, Canada a Christian woman kept her husband's corpse in her home for six months while praying for him to be raised from the dead. Just as finding the crust missing in the Atlantic Ocean demonstrated that all scientists work for Walt Brown, so too, the fact that the vast majority of pastors do not have their churches pray for the resurrection of members who die shows that while they claim to believe one thing, they actually believe what BEL teaches through our book and Bible seminars titled: The Plot: An overview of the Bible is the Key to its Details. Bob Enyart and Doug McBurney also discuss a 14-year-old Egyptian boy who after 2,500 years has not, to this date, been raised from the dead. All the dead, the great and small, one day will be raised to stand before God. Until then, there is no resurrection. See And for those who disagree, see :)