Theology Thursday: Fishers of Men

* Casting Your Net: The Gospel of Luke records Jesus telling Peter to cast his nets. The reward was substantial. In today's message Bob Enyart applies this lesson to encourage us to share the Gospel with those around us.

[Programming Note] * Kate Mulgrew Narrated Geocentrism Film: Early in 2014 Rick Delano, producer of The Principle, promised RSR that his documentary was about the big bang and not a movie on geocentrism. That misrepresentation led RSR to invite scientists and engineers to a special Denver screening of the film for Real Science Radio. We later apologized to the attendees. On the day of the film's Chicago premiere, October 24th, Bob Enyart and Fred Williams will discuss on air the scientific and biblical arguments below to rebut the documentary. We saw a full-length pre-release version of the film that claimed the Sun (and the universe) orbits around the Earth every 24 hours. The film attempted to mislead the audience into thinking that its geocentrism was supported by:
1) the latest Planck satellite confirmations of the so-called Axis of Evil
2) narrator Kate Mulgrew of Star Trek fame, and
3) the scientists interviewed (Lawrence Krauss, George Ellis, Michio Kaku, Max Tegmark, and John Hartnett).
None of these in anyway affirm the film's claim of geocentrism. For the enthusiast though, there's plenty of fun science to learn while refuting geocentrism as we shall see!

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