Bible Thumper (Bob) Outpredicts Astrophysicist

* Bible Thumper Outpredicts Astrophysicist: And while Bob's at it, he outpredicted every single Big Bang astronomer too! :)

* Ha! Now the Carnegie Institute of Science is piling on, confirming within hours of yesterday's program that our Bible-based predictions of the most distant galaxies are correct and thus they help to falsify the claim, as with astrophysicist Tyson, that Bible-based science predictions have never been confirmed! Bob also reports on two families in the news, but brace yourself -- it gets rather horrific.

* Carnegie Institute: Enyart 1, Neil deGrasse Tyson 0

And as if to put an exclamation mark onto the program, the Carnegie Institution for Science has helped out with this, Elder Galaxies, What Made You Age So Quickly?, published in London on March 12, just a few hours after our program concluded in Denver, Colorado:

A group of astronomers has discovered 15 massive, mature galaxies located where they shouldn't be: at an average distance of 12 billion light years away from Earth.

At that age — a mere 1.6 billion years after the Big Bang – galaxies should be youthful entities, still gathering dust and gasses into stars. These 15, on the other hand, as observed today, are grown-ups filled with old stars and exhibiting a lack of active star formation.

"Their existence at such an early time raises new questions about what forced them to grow up so quickly," the Carnegie Institution for Science notes in a press release; two of the research team, Eric Persson and Andy Monson, are affiliated with the Carnegie Observatories.

Burning Buildings and Half a Loaf

Abortion Purists vs. Consenting to the Killing of Some

Clickable Contents: Because there are so many clichés used trying to justify abortion regulations, we provide a clickable table of contents so you don't need to read this whole article. We recommend the Introduction and Hostage Takers sections, and then the clichés you yourself have used or heard.

Endorsement: "This is one of the BEST articles I've ever read! Thanks Juda Myers for alerting me to it... I really appreciate good thinking! WOW!!!" -Rebecca Kiessling


What if you can only save one of a hundred dying children?

Some pro-family groups actually oppose advocating for the God-given right to life and personhood of the unborn. These organizations have collectively taken in hundreds of millions of dollars from abortion politics. They try to discredit those advocating for personhood by calling them "purists" and they claim that "purists" would not try to save a child from a burning building if they could not save all the children threatened. And they say that half a loaf is better than none and that we should never make the perfect the enemy of the good. What of these things?

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Bob's verse-by-verse study of James & Jude



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