James White vs. Bob Enyart: The Rebuttals



* Broadcasting James White's Open Theism Debate: By broadcasting last week's open theism debate between Dr. James White and Pastor Bob Enyart, that event before a live audience of 150 people at Denver's Brown Palace hotel is now being heard by a few thousand people tuning in to America's most powerful Christian radio station, the 50,000-watt AM 670 KLTT. The nationwide audience listening via our own KGOV.com should bring the listenership to more than 10,000 people. Adding to those efforts at dissemination, with the entire debate available right now at opentheism.org, and with the soon-to-be-released paperback and Kindle and e-book versions to be sold at Amazon.com and elsewhere, we are praying that more than 100,000 people will be edified by this historic event. Please pray!

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* Debate Correction: In a minor issue contested by James White regarding the post-debate commentary I made in the above radio program, I mentioned that the aomin.org website does not link to Dr. White's informal debate with former Calvinist Austin Fischer (which recording contains an audio clip used in our White/Enyart debate). On July 19th James pointed out that using his site's search function for "Austin Fischer" does in fact provide the audio to that very White/Fischer program. Sure enough the search was as easy as could be. After the White/Fischer debate, some of our associates could not find a recording of it online. Then on May 17 another site posted that a recording had been located at premierradio.co.uk. After Dr. White misidentified in our own debate that his comment had come from his Sanders debate, three times our debate organizer informed James, including by emails to Dr. White and by emailing his producer Richard during one of White's live broadcasts, that James had been and was during that very program misidentifying the quote in question as coming from the White/Sanders debate, when it actually came from his Fischer debate. Two weeks ago my producer searched both aomin.org and James White's online store for: Austin Fischer. There were no results. The comment from the Fischer debate that James objected to was this: "When I say the only consistent Arminian is an open theist, is that the questions of God's goodness that are aimed at Calvinists are questions that anyone except an open theist actually has to answer within themselves." Perhaps various people searched incorrectly for Fischer at aomin.org. Or, after James White's initial Fischer post was published on March 8 on aomin.org, perhaps someone on Dr. White's staff checked the box to "unpublish" that post, and when this topic became a minor post-debate issue, then rechecked the box to again "publish" the Fischer debate post on aomin.org. We don't know. Of course we would never have claimed that a debate was nowhere to be found on Dr. White's site if finding it was as easy as doing a search. Regardless though, we are thankful that the Fischer debate is again available at aomin.org and we've added it also to the list at opentheism.org/debates.