Travon Clifton fighting to savethe1 The Bob Enyart Live audience had to stop and take notice when a leader with, Travon Clifton, said, "I was pro-choice, until I met myself. The truth of my conception and my mom's sacrificial love changed my life forever." As we've seen with Darlene Pawlick and Rebecca Kiessling and now with Travon Clifton, has the most extraordinary pro-life leaders. When the the history of the USA's abortion battle is written, Travon and the team at savethe1 will be among the heroes who restored the vision for victory to the troops! And Bob adds, please support our Be A Voice For Brady concert and in Colorado, vote Yes on 67!

Christian Concert of the Year: Talent from NBC's The Voice TV show coming to Denver to sing at Colorado RTL's Be a Voice for Brady concert! Click here (or on the artwork) for tickets!

Be A Voice for Brady Concert with singers from NBC's The Voice













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