BEL's Superfluous List of "Christian Leaders" and "Conservatives" Going Gay

* Mutually Exclusive: (Updated 8/28/20) In the public square, homosexuality and biblical Christianity are mutually exclusive. See See also our list of the Old and New Testament Bible verses condemning homosexuality. And see the Christian Leaders list itself, just below.

* The Year the Church Went Gay: Bob Enyart's 2014 sermon titled The Year the Church Goes Gay is sadly memorialized below in our unnecessary list. As we document in Focus on the History -- of Homosexual Rights, James Dobson has promoted homosexual rights for decades. (No, there's no typo there. Yes, you read that right.) Christian leaders maybe couldn't stop the nation from normalizing homosexuality. But they sure had the ability to protect their own church from embracing that perversion. However, instead of strengthening the church, they legitimized this moral corruption by claiming that they could only publicly advocate for as much as the culture might agree to. So they sought only to regulate perversion. In their moral relativism, they seek only to regulate inherently criminal acts. Thus they only attempt to regulate abortion, regulate pornography, regulate homosexuality, regulate "no-fault" divorce, regulate socialism, regulate adultery, etc. (2021 Prediction: Watch for Christian leaders by 2025 to advocate regulation of prostitution.)

* The List of "Christian Leaders" and "Conservatives" Going Gay
- Jay Sekulow and his ACLJ hired homosexual activist and former Trump cabinet member Ric Grenell. In the same way that Christians widely use Donald Trump and gamble with his soul in their lust to defeat the (truly evil) Democrats, Sekulow's "Christian Advocates" (doing business as the American Center for Law and Justice) are using Grenell and risking his eternal soul in their lust to fully expose and defeat Barack Obama and Joe Biden in their treasonous collusion coup attempt against President Trump.
- The current president of the Southern Baptist Convention, J.D. Greear (and also, see below, the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Southeastern, Southwestern, their ERLC, etc.).
- Megachurch pastor and Charles Stanley's son Andy Stanley: " more are students going to feel like they have to leave the local church because they're same-sex attracted or because they're gay. That ends with us." (Even Dallas Theological Seminary affirms, rather than warns, Andy Stanley on his LGBT teaching.)
- Monsignor of the largest Roman Catholic parish in the U.S. (10,000 families) says the church must be more welcoming to homosexuals so they won't feel excluded by the church (and this he said in July 2017 after the Vatican itself has been hit with multiple molestation and homosexuality scandals in just the previous few months).
- Greg Koukl
leading apologist and host of the previously noble Stand to Reason, says "some same sex couples are fabulous."
- Chuck Swindoll prayed to God on Christmas Eve 2019, "[T]his has been the day of the year that You have especially blessed. Make it special, we pray, as we gather with family and friends, or perhaps, even as those who gather with just another friend or their partner in life."

- National Evangelical Association adopts homosexual rights "compromise"
- World Vision long ago introduced homosexual "spousal" benefits before they... (see below)
- Wheaton College (hires an unrepentant homosexual for "outreach"; etc.)
- The Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary hired an advocate of homosexual identity to train their future Southern Baptist pastors.
- The Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary fired a hispanic professor for teaching that, "with the help of Jesus Christ people could overcome homosexuality" and the liberal seminary was supported in this by the Southern Baptists' infamous ERLC.
- The Southern Baptists' Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission opposes 3,500 years of Judeo-Christian biblical and legal history and jurisprudence that has held homosexual behavior, like adultery, to be criminal (1 Timothy 1; Lev. 20; Rom. 1; etc.) and instead they have sided with Hillary, Hollywood, Homosexuals and the Humanists in legitimizing (i.e., declaring legally valid) life-destroying same-sex behavior.

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- Liberty University employs professor Dr. Karen Swallow Prior, destroyer of morality also for the Southern Baptists through their "ethics" ERLC, who's anthology, Cultural Engagement urges "Rethinking Same-Sex Relationships" by dismissing Paul's warning in the Epistle to the Romans because it does "not provide a sound basis for rejecting all same-sex relationships today." Actually, with Prior, it's Liberty University that does not provide a sound foundation for educating all their students today.
- T.D.  Jakes approves even of "gay" churches
- The Republican National Convention proud of (R) homosexuals
Trump homosexualizing Christians- Donald Trump homosexualizing Christians and getting the most politically active of them to stand and cheer for homosexual pride. As president, Trump became the first to appoint a homosexual to a Cabinet-level position (and later, Jay Sekulow hired that official, Ric Grenell, to work at the ACLJ "Christian Advocates"). President Trump was not satisfied with promoting perversion only at home. "As we celebrate LGBT pride month... My administration has launched a global campaign to decriminalize homosexuality..." Retweeting with "My great honor!!!", Donald Trump helped the homosexual Log Cabin Republicans group's video tweet reach six million views, as it begins in a lispy voice, "Donald Trump is the most pro-gay president in American history." And as president he's remaking the courts alright for example by putting on the 9th Circuit a "married" homosexual. And Trump's reality TV show donated to some of the most perverse of the homosexual activist groups including the Gay Men's Health Crisis and GLSEN, which has a president who promotes pedophiles, promotes the most vile sex acts to middle school students, and homosexual viewpoint "staturation" should occur in kindergarten.  
- Kanye West's Sunday Service hymn lyrics, "Hallelujah, let the light shine / It’s contagious / Here we are now, inspiration / God’s inclusive..."
- Holt International: Wickedly adopting childrern into homosexual households, Holt brags, "Some of our families are straight, others are gay or lesbian." (See also, apologist Greg Koukl.) Further, Holt's application asks everyone for their sexual orientation, but not for the biblical purpose of discriminating against homosexuals.
- Bethany Christian Services: As of 2021, the nation's largest Protestant adoption and foster care organization is now handing off children into the hands of homosexuals.
- Mike Pence applauding "gay" rights; becoming "the first governor in Indiana history to sign protections into law based on 'sexual orientation' and 'gender identity'"; all smiles sending off a homosexual ambassador (of all things); and drunk on his political lust for power, says, "I hold Mayor Buttigieg in the highest personal regard. I see him as a dedicated public servant and a patriot."
- Dennis Prager & Prager University never missing an opportunity to put a homosexual as the face of their oh-so-reasonable libertarianism
Council for Christian Colleges and Universities quietly adopted a policy to enable homosexuals and transgenders to sue Christians who, out of love, refuse to be enablers to those destroying themselves with sexual perversion.
- Trey Pearson
- Max Lucado, pastor and best-selling author, promotes leading "gay Christianity" advocate Jen Hatmaker, and has apologized for a message he preached years ago against something called "homosexual marriage" and in 2021 says, "
LGBTQ individuals... must be respected... They are beloved children of God..." whereas of course they are enemies of Christ and as the Apostle Paul wrote, "the law is not made for a righteous person, but for... the unholy and profane, for murderers... for fornicators, for sodomites, for kidnappers, for liars, for perjurers..."
- Country star Rory Feek of Rory and Joey who selfishly conflates love with approval and even refers to perversion as someon's "faith". (Jesus said that God made us male and female. Rory's not big on that anymore.)
Tweet from TPUSA Charlie Kirk praising Trump for promoting homosexuality worldwide- Turning Point USA and Charlie Kirk
- Vicky Beeching self-described lesbian activist for 
LGBT people (obviously hateful toward Qs) 
- Byron Keith
- Pepperdine University, Seventh Day Adventist
- Pacific Union College, SDA
- Amy Grant

- Ray Boltz
- Jennifer Knapp
- The Christianity Today magazine founded by Billy Graham

- Former megachurch pastor Rob Bell affirming homosexuality
- Jars of Clay frontman Dan Haseltine tweets support even for "homosexual marriage"
- Ted Cruz upholding homosexual "rights" and even gay storytelling
- George W. Bush offered to perform homosexual wedding that H.W. officially witnessed
- Carson Nyquist, Dallas Seminary and Moody graduate interview with his father, the president of MBI, rejecting labelling homosexuality as sin
- The 
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville has joined their ERLC (see above) in opposing 3,500 years of Judeo-Christian biblical and legal history that held same-sex behavior to be criminal and instead have legitimized homosexuality.
- The Message Bible translator (see below)
- Rob Shenck former allegedly pro-life activist
- Southern Baptist megachurch pastor Robert Jeffress gives up on defending marriage between a man and a woman. (What, should we give up on saving unborn children, ending human trafficking, opposing socialism?)

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- Curt Schilling of MLB, ESPN, and "amazing gay Christians" fame
- The Mormon "Church" 
cult advocates "homosexual rights"
- "Church" of Scotland now has homosexual "ministers"
- The Episcopal "Church" (U.S. Anglicans' first gay bishop divorce)
- United Methodist "Church"
- The "Church" of England's Vatican Envoy rejects Christ's resurrection; accepts transgender priests
- Evangelical Lutheran "Church" of America (ELCA, "
fixated" on deviant sexual behavior)
- "Journalist" Jonathan Merritt & SBC supporters, Ed Stetzer, Russell Moore, Beth Moore, Gospel Coalition
- Focus on the Family (see below)
- Martin Gilbert, fellow at Hillsdale College
- Josh Harris "I Kissed Morality Goodbye"
- Tony Campolo (see below)
- Mercer University with David Gushee as their Professor of "Ethics"

- St. Petersburg, Florida, Roman Catholic Bishop Bobbie Lynch
- Presbyterian "Church" USA: June 2015 finalized their sin by amending their constitution "redefining marriage as 'a commitment between two people'"
- Mennonite "Church" USA
Enyart's comment on Deadline's report on Shepard Smith leaving Fox News Channel- Everyone at Fox News, those who themselves are homosexual, including Tammy Bruce, David Rubin, Amy Walter, and Guy Benson
 (of course, if conservatives want to watch homosexuals, they might as well just tune in to CNN), and those who aggressively support the bulk of the homosexual agenda including Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Breit Baier, Kennedy Montgomery, Tucker Carlson (who's also filthy), Dana Perino, Greg Gutfeld, Geraldo Rivera, and Chris Wallace (including alumni Shepard Smith, Eric Bolling, Kimberly Guilfoyle, etc.) And, like we said, everyone else at FNC, all of whom can be counted on when applicable to utter the phrase, "his husband." And of course, not a single person there, host or guest, is permitted to, or even would, warn their viewers about the sin and destructiveness of homosexuality.
Pope Francis has a warm place in his heart for homosexuality. He went from his 2014 unloving and apathetic statement, "Who am I to judge?" to his 2016 "apostolic exhortation" urging greater acceptance of homosexuals to his 2018 "
God made you like this and loves you like this and... the pope loves you like this. You have to be happy with who you are." Tragically, the Roman Catholic Church has catastrophically failed to learn the proper lesson of the priest molestation scandal which devastated thousands of families in the years following the "acceptance" of homosexuals in Catholic seminaries. As reported at, the first assignment that Francis gave to the teenage boys in his class in Argentina in 1964 was to read the writing of an openly homosexual author, and one of the boys in that class grew up to become one of Francis' many homosexual defenders. Francis has never repented from this very public sin. Sadly, it's not that Francis became the pope in spite of, but because of, his tenderness toward homosexuality. Present him with a thousand other behaviors that he despises though, politically incorrect actions like building a wall or rebuking Islamists, and his "Who am I to judge" goes right out the window and he becomes as harsh as he wants to be. The Bible does warn mankind against those who call good evil and evil good. 

The CPAC legend Ryan Sorba explains that many Christians who meet "nice" homosexuals end up suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. Instead of defending them, such Christians need to love a homosexual enough to share the truth: "Your behavior is an affront to God, a grotesque sin, and will destroy you."

Undoubtedly, any number of those who shouted Crucify Him had thrown fun dinner parties. Of course the homosexuals will do to the Protestant church the same thing they did to the Catholics. For an open-minded look at the absurdity of our day, see

- Tony Campolo: "It was that woman You gave me." Campolo is now calling "for the full acceptance of Christian gay couples into the Church", reversing his position, as he explains it, after his wife introduced him to nice homosexuals.

* Retractable blades can be even more dangerous than others: The following retracted their statements after Christians expressed outrage (and threatened to pull donations) for these efforts to legitimize homosexuality...
- World Vision: Introduced homosexual employee spousal benefits.
- The Message Bible translator, reformed Presbyterian minister Eugene Peterson said he would perform a "same-sex wedding".
- Focus on the Family: As reported in the Denver Post, Dr. James Dobson's organization said they would support a homosexual being confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice. Then fast-forward to the 2020 presidential campaign when Focus only neutrally reports about the homosexual contender without rebuking him nor warning the voters about the harm that comes from him not turning from his sexual perversion. For example, without rebuke of either man, Focus on the Family quotes our Judas VP Mike Pence, "I hold Mayor Buttigieg in the highest personal regard. I see him as a dedicated public servant and a patriot." What? A patriot who supports exactly what is most destructive to the nation? Far more dangerous to America than even Islamic terror is the legitimizing of sexual immorality which tears apart from within our children, our families, churches, and even our nation itself. Their related articles are typically ambiguous and written from a neutral-perspective such as when, without criticism, Focus on the Family quotes the homosexual candidate himself, "Families are built on love—no matter what they look like. Being 'family friendly' means honoring love, not censoring difference. This truth will be more important than ever as we rebuild our nation into a place defined by belonging, not by exclusion." Afterall, Focus' annual budget is difficult enough to meet without the drag of unashamed affirmation of the morality that God Himself has revealed to us.

* The Increasing Acceptance of Immorality by Christians: As Bob Enyart Live interacts with Christians around the country we have been grieved by the acceptance of sexual immorality and the undermining of God's design for marriage by more and more believers. Examples of claims being made by Christians include the:
- false claim that entertainment with nudity is not sinful. Typical churchgoers for example
- false claim that shacking up is not sinful. See John 4:16-17
- false claim that you don't need to be legally married, only married before God. See

- false claim that it would be right to decriminalize prostitution. Said a South Carolina megachurch ass't pastor, e.g.
- false claim that consuming pornography is not sinful. See the Sermon on the Mount
- false claim that polygamy is not sinful. See

- false claim that listening to expletive-filled music with sex and blasphemy (like from Kanye West) is not sinful  
- false claim that social nudity is not sinful. See our debate at
- false claim that homosexuality is not sinful. See above.
As we endure all this sin in the camp, here at BEL we remember too the verses that tell us that God is burdened by man's sin.

* The Fall of the Bishopric: Bob and co-host Doug McBurney dissect the Catholic Bishops' horrific working paper on their upcoming compromise on homosexuality and the guys await the group's next paper on compromise on other forms of sexual immorality.

* Fox News for Church: Fox News’ poor Chris Wallace hosts a talk show instead of going to a Sunday worship service. If you watched yesterday's October 12th episdoe, it's obvious that he (and Tony Perkins) would have been better off attending Denver Bible Church!

* Trying to Catch Up: There's a somewhat helpful chart at Wikipedia's List of Churches Going Gay

* Of Course Hollywood Has Always Been Gay: The left's strategy to eventually normalize homosexuality was at first, to present homosexuals as troubled or just weird minor characters. When the culture became accustomed to that, a homosexual could actually be a minor or major antagonist. Then, later in the 20th century, homosexual characters had positive roles. Eventually, they could even be the protagonists. Then, after the public became accustomed to that, once again a homosexual could be the bad guy, and having come full circle, they defeated the church in the culture war. So Hollywood even in its early decades was always a destructive moral infulence. For example, at 28 minutes into James Cagney's 1931 film, The Public Enemy, the tailor was a homosexual.

* Poor Drew Brees Can't Win for Losing: After filming a wonderful 23-second ad for Focus on the Family for their Bring Your Bibles to School Day (which itself would be far better as, Don't Go to School Day) the New Orlean's NFL quarterback backtracked after being accused of making a video for an anti-LGBTQLMNOP group by saying, "I was not aware any of the things they said about them lobbying for anti-gay [causes]… any type of messaging or inequality or any type of hate-related stuff. I was not aware of that at all. And again the video itself was just focused on National Bring Your Bible to School Day. It was not promoting any group. Certainly not promoting any group that is associated with that type of behavior. Because I know that there are, unfortunately, Christian organizations out there that are involved in that kind of thing and to me that is totally against what being a Christian is all about. Being a Christian is love, it's forgiveness, it’s respecting all, it’s accepting all." And apparently, it's NOT about respecting those who rebuke homosexuals NOR accepting ministries that obey God by calling "gays" to repentance.

* Worth Mentioning -- Chick-fil-A: As Joe Dallas put it after the fast-food chain announced that LGBTQ objections changed their giving plans, "these organizations, who’ll now lack Chick-fil-A support, are hardly dedicated to fighting lesbians and gays. In fact, they’re focused on issues having nothing to do with homosexuality. You’ll find no mention of gays on the websites of the Salvation Army, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, or the Paul Anderson Youth Home. No encouragement to target them. No sneering remarks about them. Heck, there aren’t even any references to evangelizing or ministering to them! You’ll only find that, as Christian organizations, they hold to a Biblical concept of sexuality and family life. For this alone they’ve lost the assistance of a former ally." Again, as Bob Enyart warns, "In the public square, homosexuality and Christianity are mutually exclusive." And don't expect Chick-fil-A to long hold to such a principled stand.

* In 2008 Bob Enyart Live aired a program titled: Christians Still Against Gay Marriage, tick, tock, tick tock, which contained a section based on the Lawrence v. Texas case titled Clarence Thomas Gone Too.

* How is Your Own Church: As Jesus taught, all sins are NOT equal and we must judge! If your own church or denomination is trying to homosexualize you, that is, if they are working to get you to approve of, to no longer condemn, to actively tolerate, etc. this particularly horrific sin and perversion, for your own sake and especially that of your family, we suggest you flee to a safe place of worship. For as Jesus said, you can't put new wine into old wineskins. And please consider letting know. Thanks!