RSR's BB Predictions Pt. 2

* Alleged Confirmed Predictions of the Big Bang Contradicted by Physicists: Begun yesterday in Part 1, the list below disproves the widely-repeated claim that the big bang has been validated by confirmed predictions. Today's program now concludes the Real Science Radio falsification of that that claim, presenting direct testimony from:
- leading journals like Nature, Physics Letters Review, and The Astrophysical Journal
- a Nobel scientist who won the prize for the discovery of the CMB
- distinguished professors of physics from prestigious institutions like Princeton
- America's premier particle physics lab, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
- Cambridge University's Modern Cosmology, Science News and New Scientist
- Alan Guth, the father of inflation theory himself, from creationist physicists, and from
- hundreds of relevantly degreed scientists, including many from leading institutions.

* The Big Bang's Failed Predictions and Failures to Predict include: The repudiations of the predictive ability of the big bang that the RSR hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams document below are regarding:
- the failed prediction of an entire universe worth of antimatter
- the failure to predict an entire universe worth of dark matter
- the 2.7K CMB background radiation and the missing shadow of the CMB
- 2014's claimed discovery of inflation gravity waves, inflation's smoking gun, then retracted
- questioning even inflation's predictive value (and noting the BB's failure to predict inflation)
- the claimed initial abundances of the elements hydrogen, helium and lithium
- magnetic monopoles, and both lithium problems, and
- the transparency problem, and dozens of other major failed predictions of the big bang.

If the following contrary-to-interest expert testimony from leading big bang advocates is accurate, then Lawrence Krauss (A Universe from Nothing, p. 18, and on RSR, etc.) is wrong when he, along with ten thousand others, claims that confirmed predictions validate the big bang.

* Failed Antimatter Prediction and Failed Dark Matter Search: Scientists have identified two entire universes worth of failure in the predictions of big bang theory, regarding both its erroneous antimatter prediction and its failure to either predict, or detect, dark matter. If the big bang has actually occurred, transforming vast energy into all of the matter of the universe, then that would have created as much antimatter as matter. Extensive compelling scientific investigation including repeatable experiments suggests that there is an entire cosmos worth of antimatter that should have been created by the big bang within our universe that, thankfully, simply does not exist. When supercolliders form matter from energy, as expected from the laws of physics, equal parts of matter and antimatter form; and if they come into contact, they annihilate one another. Big Bang theorists have spent decades looking for antimatter regions of the universe with leading astronomers culminating a significant project by writing, "we conclude that a matter-antimatter symmetric universe is empirically excluded" with the journal Science reporting a physicist's assessment: "The work is extremely compelling and gives me fresh pessimism" that is, on the difficulty of explaining why the universe even exists. And if the big bang can't even explain why the universe exists, not surprisingly, neither can it explain how the universe works.

Further, regarding the hypothetical entities dark matter and dark energy, which are believed in to save the big bang theory from millions of actual astronomical observations which otherwise contradict it... more...

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