Chelsea’s Choice

* A Transgendered What? Bob’s guest host Doug McBurney introduces India’s first transgendered news reader, and everyone ends up confused as to who is who, wearing what, and transitioning from what to where exactly…

* Like a Piece of Meat:Hear about the special needs girl at an Alabama government school who was raped while being used by a teacher as bait to catch a rapist!

* Have You Considered Suicide? That’s what a teacher in an Israeli government school asked students to contemplate in order to help them better understand the English language.

* Was Victory Predestined? Doug relays a post from an apparent Calvinist on Bob’s Facebook page declaring Bob’s win over James White in the great debate over Open Theism.

* Judges Again Declare Perversion “Free Speech”: A Texas law designed to make “upskirting” illegal was thrown out by a panel of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals; leaving us wondering what these judges are up to in their chambers…

* Clinton Baby Escapes Abortion: While Bill and Hillary Clinton would obviously support and even celebrate Chelsea’s decision to abort her child in the 9th month of her pregnancy, it appears, at least for the moment, that Chelsea has chosen not to murder this baby.

* Help the Telethon: and get a free gift with any donation of $100 or more, the biblical attributes of God, on DVD or Blu-Ray.