RSR on the Origin of Trans-Neptunian Objects

* A Rare In-Studio Interview with Dr. Walt Brown: Real Science Radio's Bob Enyart interviews Dr. Walt Brown on the origin of the thousands of enormous Trans-Neptunian Objects.

Definition of Planet: a massive body in space created to orbit the Sun or any other star. So Pluto was correctly demoted. (See below and see more on this at

TNOs share many characteristics with asteroids including that they orbit in a doughnut-shaped belt, their percentage with moons, their color, and their density. Dr. Brown is the author of one of the most popular flood models which is also the subject of the Real Science Radio video: The Global Flood and the Hydroplate Theory, presented by Bob Enyart.

What is the origin of the trans-Neptunian objects?

* TNO's Bunch Up. Here's Why: From Walt Brown's Origin of Asteroids, Meteoroids,and Trans-Neptunian Objects, a TNO authority, Christopher Crockett, points out:

All the objects beyond 150 astronomical units come closest to the sun, a point known as perihelion, at nearly the same time that they cross the plane of the solar system. There’s no reason for these perihelia to bunch up like that. Billions of years of evolution should have left the perihelia scattered, like the rest of the Kuiper Belt—unless something was holding the perihelia in place.

2015, MNRAS, Analysis of trans-Neptunian objects and a proposed theory to explain their originAll 2,300 TNOs whose orbits are known (taken as a group) have ω (argument of perihelion) values that cluster near either 0° or 180°. Chance could produce such a departure from a random distribution only once out of 10,000 times!

See Analysis of trans-Neptunian objects and a proposed theory to explain their origin, 2017, MNRAS.

Anyone interested can duplicate these results provided by astronautics Professor R. B. Brown. As published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Dr. Brown downloaded from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Small-Body Database the orbital elements for all 2,300 TNOs with known orbits. He then constructed a histogram for w that showed two prominent peaks—one near ω=0° and one near ω=180°. A simple chi-square test showed that the distribution was non-uniform with a confidence level of 99.99%. Professor Brown concluded that “many TNOs recently received powerful thrusts from near the plane of the ecliptic. Thrusts directed up above the ecliptic, produced ω values near 0°; thrusts directed downward produced ω values near 180°. He projected many TNOs and asteroids back in time and showed that Neptune’s gravity could have provided that thrust for only a few of these bodies over the last 22,000 years. Therefore, other planets near the ecliptic plane were involved. Were these TNOs even closer to the Sun than Neptune?

If that thrust occurred millions of years ago, random perturbations would have smoothed out those peaks, so the values for w would have been spread out uniformly between 0° and 360°. Therefore, “recently” must be less than millions of years ago—perhaps 5,000 years ago.

* HPT and Peer Review: [Update 2020] A common criticism of Dr. Walt Brown's hydroplate theory is that unlike another flood model, Catastrophic Plate Tectonics, HPT has not been peer reviewed in scientific journals. Ironically, one of the most extraordinary and unique aspects of Dr. Brown's HPT, that TNOs originated recently in the inner solar system, has been peer reviewed in one of the world's first and most prestigious astronomy journals. Update: Real Science Radio plans to broadcast in December 2020, Lord-willing, a program addressing HPT, CPT, and peer review, including the impossiblity of effectively peer-reviewing CPT (because of its extensive dependence on miracles of convenience not stated in the Bible). Further, just as the secular journals are biased against creationists, so too the creation movement, and hence its journal publishers, became biased against Dr. Brown. This happened when...
1) Dr. Brown took one for the team when he disproved the Vapor Canopy Theory. In a 15-minute segment of RSR's flood video (starting at 17:08 in) Bob Enyart pieces this together as we hear directly from Henry Morris, John Morris, and Rob Yardley. As no good deed goes unpunished, Walt was never forgiven for helping the movement stop wasting precious resources. Virtually the entire creation movement now benefits from Walt's courage and his scientific and biblical arguments against the now-discredited VCT model.
2) Dr. Steve Austin plagiarized Dr. Brown and doctored ICR publications to make it look like Walt Brown was the one who stole from Dr. Austin. Today, with the online posting of these doctored publications, at, this sin is indisputable. When this happened, though the publicly avaialable information was sufficient to determine the truth, the primary documents themselves were not made public, and the leaders of the movement sided with Dr. Austin and worked to undermine Walt Brown's integrity. Their decision to side with a favorite son of the creation movement, the famed Mount St. Helens geologist, reinforced their disapproval of Walt opposing the VCT and it justified their hesitancy to carefully evaluate Dr. Brown's rather extensive Fountains of the Great Deep flood model.

In the context of this dysfunction in the creation movement, Dr. Brown prioritized his time for research and writing. The belabored peer-review process, especially with publications already heavily biased against an author, would consume literallly thousands of hours for a model as extensive as the hydroplate theory. Dr. Walt Brown's 9th Edition is available now online at As of October 2020 it is expected in print in the first quarter of 2021. The astounding new addition to the model, the Origin of Earth's Radioactivity, may never have been accomplished had Dr. Brown taken a different approach, and thus, creationists may never have been able to answer why after an original paradise, today's continental crust contains deadly radioactive elements.

In RSR's HPT & Peer Review broadcast, Bob and Fred Williams plan to discuss this matter along with the aspects of the hydroplate theory that have been published in both the creation and secular journals. So stay tuned!

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