Paul Cameron & the Truth About Homos

* As Far as the East is from the West: That’s how far you’d think the Mennonites, (and Eastern Mennonite University in particular) would be from approving of open homosexuality. But as Bob & co-host Doug McBurney learned… it’s just a matter of time until they follow so many other mainline protestant denominations in the horrible embrace of perversion.

* The Sin of Vicky Beeching: Hear researcher and author Paul Cameron of the Family Research Institute in a wide ranging interview updating the enormous sin of Vicky Beeching advocating her homosexuality to others, and the progress of the queering of the nation, the government, church and just about everything else, (as predicted by Bob Enyart for nearly 25 years). Bob pleaded with Focus on the Family back in the early ‘90s not to abandon the longstanding opinion of America’s religious and political leaders that homosexuality was a crime, and Dr. Cameron provided the data that should have been a warning.

* The Trouble with Anonymity: Bob and Dr. Cameron brilliantly point out that as fallen humans we are ill equipped to resist the temptations of sexual sin as presented in a metropolitan city, where anonymous interaction makes possible the most destructive behavior with seemingly no immediate consequence or accountability. It is the biblical family unit, (with it’s accountability and lack of anonymity) which provides a means to resist. And that is why the homosexualists have set their sites squarely upon it, to destroy it. But we can focus on our own families, and what God has joined together, let no man put asunder!