Liberal & Conservative Political Spectrum Claims

God and the Death PenaltyBob Enyart presents the conservative and the liberal descriptions of the political spectrum, both being incorrect of course. And here's a link to tomorrow's program on the true political spectrum!

* Popular Liberal and Conservative Political Spectrums are Wrong: You'll enjoy looking at these three contrasting spectrum charts, liberal (economics & extremes), conservative (size), and true (based upon authority flow). First, the leftwing view...

Political Spectrum: Leftwing (liberal) i.e., wrong, in a circle

Next, the typical and uninsightful rightwing view...

Political Spectrum: Rightwing (conservative) i.e., wrong view

And finally, the correct understanding of the political spectrum, which is based on the direction of the flow of authority...

Political Spectrum: The correct view based on the flow of authority

Hierarchy of Hermeneutics(All three also appear in a single pdf.)

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