Palestinians, Illegal Aliens & Republicans

* Swimming the Rio Grande vs Born of Water Bob & co-host Doug McBurney discuss the flood of illegal aliens in Texas, (which is outpacing the Texas birth rate). Hear about how the birth rate vs illegals discussion fits into the story alongside the RE-publican party, and the Texas abortion rate.

* Reason 779 - No Prayer for You! A mom and dad have wisely pulled their kindergartner out of the government school after their 5 year old was told that “it is not good to pray”, and that she was "not allowed to pray" by a high priestess in the government pagan temple, (AKA a government school teacher). And we talk a little bit about reason 780, but it was too disgusting to go into so you’ll have to just trust us on that one. Doug thinks that angels sing every time a kid is pulled from the government schools!

* Winning? Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains gave an award in July to one of their Denver area clinics for exceeded their abortion quota. Still no word on when prizes will be awarded for Planned Parenthood mammograms

* A Thousand to One The Palestinians think that kidnapping one Israeli and trading him for a thousand terrorists & criminals is a victory for their side. Listen to Bob's insightful analysis of why the Palestinians are wrong, (and why the Jews are wrong to negotiate with terrorists).