Sportscaster Starr Yelland Tragedy Then and Now

Bob Enyart's life's work: The Plot* March 6, 2014 Update: [10:20 a.m. update: Apparent suicide. Earlier:] Leslie Hanks and Tony Massey from a Denver courtroom are reporting that Denver serial rapist and well-connected Democrat and pro-choice activist William Costelllo has not returned to court as scheduled and may have skipped bail. At 9:30 a.m., Leslie stated that there was a good chance that, based on the wrenching testimony so far in the case, he may have committed suicide. Costello's ankle bracelet is being reported over the previous hours in various locations around Denver including on 6th Avenue. Yesterday's testimony from Costello's rape victims was so damming that this rapist undoubtedly realized that he would be convicted and be sentenced to life in prison. See to learn about the BEL friend who indirectly helped police apprehend this pro-choice serial rapist.

* Cultist Starr Yelland and his Son's Tragic Death: A Christian Science cult member Denver sportscaster Starr Yelland believed in supernatural healing and rejected even the idea of medical treatment. On August 14, 1965, his son recklessly unfastened his seat belt on an amusement ride at Denver's Elitch Gardens.

The roller coaster hurled the boy from the car. An acquaintance of Bob's, then the manager of the park, joined in the frantic search for the young man. Walking through the bottom maze of the ride, blood dripped onto this man's arm. Starr Yelland Jr. was rushed to the hospital. His internal organs had been severely damaged and his face had been torn off.

His father instructed the doctors to sew his face back on, but refused to give permission to operate. This is the superstition, common among even actual Christians, whereby people will believe God for miracles for things that they cannot see, but not for things they can see. (This is like praying for a temperamental automobile to start, but never praying to fix a flat or other problems that are visually evident.)

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