Theology Thursday: The Divorce Alternative

* Divorce: While no one getting married is planning for a divorce, there are ways make your marriage strong and not be vulnerable to the pitfalls those most couples fall into. The Bible gives wise instruction to husbands and wives. Bob explains how following that advice can help your marriage be the kind of relationship that God desires for you to have.

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The Global Flood and the Hydroplate Theory
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Real Science Radio co-host Bob Enyart presents the scientific evidence for Dr. Walt Brown’s model of the global flood, along with the relevant biblical material. Enyart also discusses Brown's opponents and contrasts both the vapor canopy and catastrophic plate tectonics with the hydroplate theory.

DVD Vol. 1
1. Walt Brown, Creation Leaders, and Scripture
2. Hydroplate Theory & Scientific Evidence

DVD Vol. 2
3. Hydroplates vs. Plate Tectonics
Bonus: Origin of Earth's Radioactivity

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