Potheads with Shrunken Brains, Democrats, Etc.

Bob Enyart reports on today's peer-reviewed scientific study showing that regular pot users have shrunken brains and lower IQ, which is consistent with years of research on laboratory rats, and also, with the landmark 2012 PNAS study that showed that pot permanently lowers IQ, and the large 2014 study in Lancet showing that high schoolers are 63% less likely to graduate, have an 8-fold increased odds of using other illegal drugs, and a 7-fold increased likelihood of attempted suicide. And then there are the Democrats to report on... and Ben Carson.

 And from kgov.com/pot:

Research Showing the Harmful Effects of Marijuana Use

Marijuana News Updates

2014 News Updates: With today's stronger pot:
- Another person in England has died of cannabis poisoning.
- Since potheads have slower reactions, they therefore are far more likely to suffer premature death.
- Famous pot advocate George Michael quits smoking dope after falling out of a car at 70 mph.
- A 19-year-old Congo exchange student jumped to his death in Denver after eating pot cookie "legally" bought by a friend. Coroner tests for a hundred different drugs, but finds only marijuana in this man's system.
- Michael Brown's autopsy doctor says that Ferguson, Missouri's Brown had been smoking marijuana shortly before his strong-arm robbery, struggle with a police officer, and resulting death.
- Oct. 12: Which of these two criminals arrested in the past week smoke pot? The guy in his 30s who stole an ambulance and drove it home, or the guy in his 20s who stole a train and crashed it? Neither of the initial reports mention marijuana, but the chances are nil that neither of these dimwits smoke pot.

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