Cover of BEL's God's Principles of Government case (2 DVDs or Blu-rays)* Government: Bob talks about when God first ordained government in the Bible and demonstrates that God intends all authority to run downhill. See also here on BEL:
- 2018 Rerun: You're a Political Drunkard (constitution problems) 
- 2014 Against Democracy: The Biblical Argument
- 2014 Liberal & Conservative Political Spectrums
- 2014 The True Political Spectrum 
- 2014 More on the Incidental Aspect of Size of Government
- 2013 List of Ways to Reduce Crime
- 2011 Just War Theory on BEL (parts 1 & 2)
- 2010 KGOV's Political Spectrums and Chart
- 2009 What Does the Bible Say About Slavery?
- 2007 Church and State: How it Should Work
- 2005 Please say Rights, not Constitutional Rights
- 2005 Christian Revisionism Against Monarchy
- 2000 How Would You Choose a King?
- Timeless: God's Criminal Justice System

* Peace Is Not the Chief Aim of Government: Peace can be had at the expense of truth and justice. Truth and justice lead to freedom, and peace may or may not follow. Lies and immorality can readily lead to peace. Consider the two million of Vietnamese who have "fled the peace" in their communist country. Says one, "Even though war has ended and peace has triumphed, truth and justice have never prevailed in my homeland." 

Cover of Bob Enyart's MP3 CD of God's Criminal Justice System seminarToday's Resource: Have you browsed the Government Department at our KGOV Store? Just click on over to and check it out! The especially fun and education resources include our God's Principles of Government, classic God's Criminal Justice System seminar, God and the Death PenaltyLive from Las Vegas, and Bob on Drugs DVDs, and our powerhouse Focus on the Strategy resources!

* Politicians and Lawyers: say about our own system: