Disassembling Dems Reminded Us of Rudder re Their Fate and Socialism

With the Democrats completely disassembling, Bob thought about their ultimate fate, and that brought to mind this YouTube video of someone standing before God on Judgment Day. We produced this brief skit of a Mr. Rudder, actually, Bob's wife's high school science teacher, who has since passed away, apparently in a state of rebellion against Jesus Christ. This skit, which you can hear on today's program, aired on national television back in the 90s to illustrate what would happen after Mr. Rudder died, in five minutes of him standing before God. On this program, Bob also addresses socialism including regarding what's wrong with South Africa, Venezuela, America (and pretty much every nation on Earth... other than perhaps Tonga), in their socialist and welfare violations of God's enduring command, Thou shall not steal. This teaching places twelfth among BEL's Top 12 Contributions to the world, per our estimation as noted at kgov.com/top-12-contributions.

Open-Theism-CD.jpg* Today's Resource! Another fantastic BEL seminar, this time, on the topic of Open Theism, answering the question, is the future settled or open? The seminar is downloadable or on three DVDs! The Open View teaches that God can change the future. He interacts with the flow of history and changes the outcome of the future as it unfolds by His decisions and actions.