Bob Answers Qs Put to the WSJ, then Derails the Supreme Ct's Abortion Case

In a boom and bust building cycle, the problem lies in which part, the boom or the bust? A Wall Street Journal reporter was asked by Neil Cavuto why the season flu kills tens of thousands with hardly affecting the stock market two dead in the U.S. causes it to plummet. So Bob answered that question and then the one about why people buy stocks even at prices that value a company far beyond any reasonable return based on annual earnings. With people so often confused about simple matters like economics, it's no surpise that they could also be deceived about questions over life and death such as the abortion regulation case being heard tomorrow by the U.S. Supreme Court. Try this at home: Test Louisiana's "hospital admitting privileges" child-killing abortion regulation against the bulleted list over at Then Bob asks you to support our continued outreach as our March BEL Telethon has reached $1,300 toward our $40,000 goal. So please help by calling us at 1-800-8Enyart (836-9278) or go to our and consider getting any of our great resources including Tim Mahoney's fabulous Exodus videos! (Do you have part 3 yet, or even 1 and 2?) And to help BEL even more, you can sign up for one of our beloved subscription services!

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