Open Theism & Dr. Richard Rice, Pt. 3

open-theism-the-future-of-by-richard-rice-2020.jpgBob Enyart, co-founder of, continues his interview of Dr. Richard Rice, a leading advocate of Open Theism, just retired Loma Linda theology professor, and co-author of the famed 1994 book The Openness of God with Pinnock, Hasker, Basinger, and Sanders. The guys continue their relaxed yet compelling discussion.

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Today's Resource: Open Theism Seminar



Open theism seminar with Bob Enyart on three DVDs!

BEL January 2007 Seminar Indianapolis, IN

Another fantastic BEL seminar, this time, on the topic of Open Theism, answering the question, is the future settled or open? The Open View teaches that God can change the future. He interacts with the flow of history and changes the outcome of the future as it unfolds by His decisions and actions.