The Most Natural, the Unnatural, the Dirty & the Dusty

Real Science Radio hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams discuss the unnatural actress Ellen Page who, by claiming to be a man, has changed the sexual orientation of her lesbian partner, who now is "married" to a "man" making her, whether she likes it or not, heterosexual. Then the guys discuss the most natural of things, a mom kissing her baby, who thereby "samples" the baby's microbes and produces breast milk fortified with targeted antibodies! Also on the agenda, the dirty election fraud committed by those with means, motive, and opportunity, that is, by the executives of Dominion Voting Systems (see and And finally, just as materialists have an awful time trying to present a theory of the origin of the universe, or of life, or of species, or of genes, they can't even explain the origin of dust!